August 2018 Monthly Forecasts

Welcome to August!

We had an intense month in July - a 9 universal month of emotional endings, surrender, and letting go. We’re also in some very intense astrology this month, as well. We had two eclipses, including the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th of the month. We also have a Solar Eclipse coming up in Leo on August 11th. Eclipses are supercharged Full and New Moons. Collectively, it’s a huge influx of energy, triggering what can feel like “fated” events in our lives. At the very least, I could feel the influx of energy during the Lunar Eclipse.

Frankly, I felt kind of fried. I was in 9 Personal Month, so last month for me was all about surrending to my emotions and letting go of wasn’t working in my life.

This month, we still have some intense energy to work with.

August is a 1 Universal Month. Collectively, this is a good month to plant seeds, or initiate something. However, Mars, the planet of action and energy, is still retrograde until the end of the month. You may not see a return on your investment until around October, when it’s energy is back at full-speed. Mercury is also retrograde until August 18th.

Take extra caution in communication matters this month. Backup your hard drive, and be patient with electronic communication this month, as this cycle has a way of making these things go a little haywire.

Take a look at Astrologer Susan Miller’s article about Merc Retrograde - it’s a great little FAQ on what to expect during these cycles.

Read your PERSONAL MONTH forecast based on your Personal Year at the bottom of the newsletter.
Read your personal forecast below based on your Personal Year.

(YOUR PERSONAL YEAR IS ESSENTIAL. If you’re reading your Astrology forecast but not your Numerology, you are missing out on HUGE INFORMATION. Knowledge is power!)

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If you are having trouble figuring out your Personal Year, please email me at and I will help you. 


To find your what PERSONAL YEAR you are in, follow this easy-breezy formula:

Reduce your birth month and day numbers to a single digit, and add to the Universal Year Number of 2018, which is 11.

We reduce all numbers down to a single digit in Numerology. However, because 11 and 22 are MASTER Numbers, we do not reduce the 11. 

Take your birthday: (We'll use mine as an example)

May 13th. (Birth year is not needed for Personal Month forecast.)

5/13. Reduce month and day down to single digits.

Since '5' is already a single digit, we'll leave it alone. '13' we reduce to '4' - because 1 +3 = 4.

Add Month, Day, and Universal Year Number together. 5+4+11=20. Because 2+0=2, my Personal Year in 2018 is 2.

Let's use another example - 

Let's say your birthday is 12/25. 12 is reduced to a 3, because 1+2=3. 25 is reduced to a 7, because 2+5=7.

Add reduced month and day to the Universal Year number. 3+7+11=21. 2+1=3. Therefore the Personal Year of a person born on 12/25 would be in a 3 Personal Year in 2018.

(IF YOU NEED HELP - email me at and I'll calculate it for you. Or message me on Facebook!)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to June 2018!

Can you believe that we’re halfway through the year already?!

You can really feel your Personal Year in full, glorious effect now. If you haven’t looked at your Personal Year forecast for the year, take a peek at my video forecast I did back in January HERE:

9 Personal Year…..8 Personal Month

Alright, Mary! Quiet, intense introspection was the theme last month - hopefully you were able to re-charge your batteries, because this month is all about stepping back into the world and kicking ass. This is your month of determination and making things happen.  Anything having to do with career is highlighted and favored. Think of August as your “I Win” month, as long as you’ve been ethical and putting in effort, this is the month to reap some reward. Also - a reminder. This is a year of culmination and endings. Keep that in mind as you go through August - it’s possible that something is completing out for you in career or finances for the better this month. 

8 Personal Year…..7 Personal Month

Welcome to August, your cosmic chill-pill month. You’ll be feeling a need for more alone time, going inward, and stepping back a bit from the daily grind. 7 is the number of rest, and along with Mars in retrograde motion until the end of the month, it’s very evident that this is the month of quiet planning, instead of rushing forward with reckless abandon. Give yourself permission to take a cat nap, meditate, or learn something new. You’ll be on a slightly different wavelength this month. Pay attention to your gut feelings, and whip out your dream journal. 7 is the number of wisdom, and connecting to Spirit.. Take a moment this month to go within and seek the infinite guidance of your soul.

7 Personal Year…..6 Personal Month

This 7 year has you on a different wavelength - needing more alone time, recharging your batteries and connecting to your Soul. However, this month is going to pull you out of your shell a bit, as August is all about your relationships, family, and responsibility. 6 is the number of the Heart. This is the month to tend to your relationships, as you would tend to your garden. Water and nurture what is important to you - and trim back what is draining you, what is no longer necessary for your Highest Good. You may also find that your loved ones need you this month, as 6 is about dutiful service to others. Work and career is also highlighted this month - and again, that word “responsibility” comes up. Tend to your duties with care. 6 also has to do with home and family - this is a great month to simply enjoy being home or being with family.

6 is also the number of marriage and divorce. If a relationship is on its last legs, this could be a month where you sever things for good, or you dive in to breathe life into it. The opposite could be true as well, you could be committing to someone you’re connected to on a Soul level this month.

6 Personal Year…..5 Personal Month

Your 6 year is all about family, home, committed relationships, and responsibility. August, however ,is your month of freedom, expansion, restlessness, and travel. Honor your need for a break this month. This is the month to try something new, take a trip, or experiment a bit. This is a great month to travel somewhere new, or break out of a rut. Last month was all about your to-do list, balance, and taking care of business, but this month, let yourself have a little fun.

This is also a good month for networking, communication, and meeting new people.

Romantically speaking, this could be a month where you indulge in a hot fling, or unexpectedly meet someone. Next month is a relationship/commitment month - sooooo….just sayin’.

5 Personal Year…..4 Personal Month.

This is your year of personal expansion, travel, experimentation, and adapting to change.

To have the freedom you want, you’re going to knock out your to-do list this month. 4 is the energy of building a strong foundation, balance, health, and possibly most important of all - work! You may have some extra projects coming your way.

This is a very grounded month for you, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit too free-wheeling this year. However, if you’re the type that enjoys the wildly unpredictable energy of the 5, you might find this month’s energies a bit restrictive. This is the month to work within structure, and not rebel against it. This month, take extra caution to obey the law, as well - you’re more likely to get, say, a speeding ticket this month. 4 is the energy of law, order, and rules.

(You can thank me for the warning later. Trust me. I had 4 straight years of very strong 4 energy in my chart during my early 20’s….the amount of times I was pulled over was unbelievable.)

This is a great month to work on your health and bringing some balance into your life. Take a break when you need to this month.

4 Personal Year…..3 Personal Month

Time to let thine hair down and have some fun. This is your year of work, balance, and service, but August is all about self-expression, socialization, and the joy of living.

This is a great month to treat yourself to a makeover, or to revamp your look in some way. 3 is artistic, visual, and playful. Rock this energy to look and feel your best this month. This is a month where you’ll be feeling a little extra luxurious - so, go ahead and treat yo self if your pocketbook can afford it. However, one word of caution, do not overspend this month. You’re still in a year of being a little conservative and balanced, so take note of that.

Friendships and your social calendar may take priority this month, as well. This is also a great month for romance, as you have an extra sparkle to you in August. If you’re artistically inclined, this is wonderful energy to apply this creative energy to some artistic project. Anything creative is favored - with words, visuals, performance. Enjoy!

3 Personal Year…..2 Personal Month

After last month’s burst of momentum and new beginnings, this is the month to work on details and exercise patience. This is an important month for playing nicely with others, being tactful, polite, and pleasant. You’ll also be feeling a little extra sensitive this month, as this is also an 11 month for you, a Master Number of extreme sensitivity and intuition. Pay attention to dreams and gut feelings. This is also the number of sudden inspiration, as well. You’re a bit more tuned into the cosmos right now.

This is also a favorable combination for romance. Your 3 year is about socialization, abundance, and expressing the joy of living, and 2 is the energy of partnership. This can be a hot month. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

2 Personal Year…..1 Personal Month

After the emotional ups and downs of last month’s 9 energy - the number of surrender, completion, and letting go, it’s time for new beginnings this month. This is the month to plant seeds and begin new endeavors. I will say, Mars, the planet of action and energy, is still retrograde until the 27th this month. Begin new projects this month, but you may find the return on your investment is a bit delayed. And that’s okay! You are in a year of exercising patience, my friend. Going with the flow, and working with others is still the name of the game.

However, after playing nicely with others and sharing the spotlight, this is YOUR month. 1 is all about originality, uniqueness, and initiation, so this is the month to green light whatever project has been brewing in the back of your mind.

(Shameless plug, I’m in a 2 year and I’m beginning my podcast this month. Ya heard?!)

1 Personal Year….. 9 Personal Month

My friend, you are a in year of new beginnings, the first year in a nine year cycle. However, this is a month of letting go, completion, and endings, so that extreme new beginnings can take place for you next month.

Surrender is the key word for you this month. Listen to your gut and go with the flow. It’s okay to slow down this month. If you PUSH, you’ll be fighting against the tide. Nourish your connection to Spirit this month. 9 energy is a very high, spiritual frequency. Listen to the urge of your soul. This can also be a month of deep feelings, with some highs and lows. A good metaphor this month is to clear out any clutter, whether its an actual closet - or whether its emotional. Donate your extra junk to charity, as purging is good for the soul this month. You’re making room for new beginnings to come in next month.

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