October 2018 Monthly Forecasts

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Let’s chat about the month’s energies, shall we? 

This is a long-ish edition of this newsletter, as we have a lot to cover! Settle in, folks!

Venus Retrograde In Scorpio

As I write this, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is stationing retrograde. She will remain in retrograde until the middle of November. Classical astrology texts tell us that Venus rules over matters of love and money. She also rules our self-worth, and what makes us feel beautiful. Venus represents relationships of all kinds – with business partners, clients, friends, enemies, and yes, your romantic relationships!

Any planet in retrograde motion makes us pause and reflect upon the areas that the planet rules. Venus in Retrograde might make you pause and reconsider your:

Relationships, Self-Worth, Money/Spending Habits, and Self-Image.

As a general rule, refrain from big expenses or luxury items if you can during Venus Retrograde. You might not feel it was worth it after the planet goes direct once again. Venus rules value and worth, and you might feel that you simply paid too much, or you might not be happy with the decision after she goes direct again. This also applies to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, as well.

This transit ultimately serves a purpose in our lives. What do you value? How do you feel about yourself?

Venus begins her retrograde journey is the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the MOST intense sign of the zodiac. Commonly referred to as the sign that rules sex, death, and transformation. Still waters run deep with Scorpio energy – a passionate mix of emotions hidden by a calm, outward mask.

(FYI – Venus rules Taurus and Libra. If you have Taurus, Libra, or Scorpio Sun – or have Taurus, Libra, or Scorpio Rising, you are more affected by the this particular transit. Personally, I’m a Taurus Sun and Scorpio Rising. Guess we'll see what happens in my own personal life, amirite?)

Because Venus appears to be moving backward in the sky during a retrograde cycle – relationships (Venus) that have been long since buried, dead (Scorpio) could be resurrected for healing and completion. Perhaps you’ll have another go-round with a former partner and put it to bed once again,  or you could even resurrect an old relationship for good. It really does depends on the individuals involved.

Of course, not every single person is going to experience something like this, but this transit does tend to shake out the skeletons in your relationship closet. Expect unresolved relationship dynamics to be brought up and dealt with during this cycle.

The next month or so has a particularly intense karmic quality when it comes to relationships.

October is also a 3 Universal Month. 3 represents self-expression, and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

To me, I see the energy of Venus in Scorpio and this 3 month, and I say to you: boldly express what you’re feeling and open your heart, even if it scares the ever-living shit out of you.


October has a curious quality to it every year. Your Personal Month cycle, the cycle of energy that influences the trends and opportunities you encounter – matches your Personal Year for the following year.

What this means is, October 2018 is a bit of a preview, energetically speaking, for what you’ll experience in your life in 2019.

It is super, SUPER important to set intentions THIS month. Think of October like an opportunity to plant seeds for the following year.

Also, pay attention to people or situations that come into your life this month, as they may play a bigger role in the year to come. It's helpful to journal this month and take note of what opportunities and people pop up for you this month. Write it down, and take note, because these same people or opportunities you may see more of in 2019. 



Alexander Kriech