December Newsletter

Let’s chat about the month’s energies, shall we? 

We begin the month with an optimistic New Moon in Sagittarius, right on the heels of Mercury stationing direct. This is an optimistic, joyful lunation that acts as a reset button on your intentions.

There’s nothing subdued about this month’s energy.

December 2018 is a 5 Universal Month, an energy that is about adventure, travel, networking, communication, and dynamic action. This energy supports trying something new and expanding your horizons. 5 can also represent sudden change – it can act as a bit of a rollercoaster energy, as well. This is especially true if you have the number 5 activated in your Personal Cycles.  

December is a 3 calendar month. 3 is an energy of joy, child-like enthusiasm, creativity, and socializing. No wonder we celebrate the holidays in December, no?

The combination of 3 and 5 can also correlate to overspending and excess. 3 and 5 can create a feeling of optimism and a “why not?” attitude, which is great! However, just make sure not to overdo it, as 3 and 5 are known to do.

Enjoy your December, and Happy Holidays to you all!

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Alexander Kriech