September 2018 Monthly Forecasts

Welcome to September 2018!

With Mercury, Mars, and Saturn now in direct motion, you'll begin to feel some forward momentum after a slower paced, sluggish Summer. (However, there was plenty of drama served by the trio of eclipses this Summer) Mars, the planet of action, energy, and will, has been direct since the 27th, and is slowly picking up steam. 

This month has it's own brand of intensity, as September is the 9th calendar month. 9 is a number of culmination and completion. Each September, our Personal Month number matches our Personal Year number, thus doubling the intensity of that particular energy. 

This month is a 20/2 Universal Month. September 2018 is a particularly dreamy, intuitive month. You'll be more in touch with your feelings and sensitivity this month. Diplomacy and tactfulness become more important than ever. You'll be more prone to inspired ideas, gut feelings, and sudden "knowings." 2 is sensitive and quite psychic. Pay attention to dreams and sudden realizations this month. 

For a more PERSONALIZED forecast, check out the videos I made for each Personal Month, including a longer general forecast for September 2018 on my YouTube channel.

(Don't know your Personal Year number? Calculate it below. You can also email me at or Facebook and I'll calculate it for you!)

To find your what PERSONAL YEAR you are in, follow this easy-breezy formula:

Reduce your birth month and day numbers to a single digit, and add to the Universal Year Number of 2018, which is 11.

We reduce all numbers down to a single digit in Numerology. However, because 11 and 22 are MASTER Numbers, we do not reduce the 11. 

Take your birthday: (We'll use mine as an example)

May 13th. (Birth year is not needed for Personal Month forecast.)

5/13. Reduce month and day down to single digits.

Since '5' is already a single digit, we'll leave it alone. '13' we reduce to '4' - because 1 +3 = 4.

Add Month, Day, and Universal Year Number together. 5+4+11=20. Because 2+0=2, my Personal Year in 2018 is 2.

Let's use another example - 

Let's say your birthday is 12/25. 12 is reduced to a 3, because 1+2=3. 25 is reduced to a 7, because 2+5=7.

Add reduced month and day to the Universal Year number. 3+7+11=21. 2+1=3. Therefore the Personal Year of a person born on 12/25 would be in a 3 Personal Year in 2018.

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