March 2019 - Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, The Heart Chakra, and Intuition

(This is an excerpt from my monthly newsletter, originally published March 7th, 2019)

March – Home & Family, The Heart Chakra, and Intuition


March is a 6 Universal Month this year. 6 energy is all about home, family, love, and your tribe. 6 is considered the caretaker and nurturer. This month seems to be heavily about the Heart Chakra – giving and receiving love in equal measure. Spend quality time with your loved ones this month. Lead from the Heart. 6 also matters of the home, as well. This is a great month to redecorate or spend energy improving your living situation somehow.

Yesterday, March 6th, (there's that number 6 again!) we had a powerful New Moon in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces is a incredibly psychic and creative sign. Pisceans tend to soak up energy from their environment and people around them. Pisces is a very mystical sign, this is great period of time to ponder our interconnectedness to everyone and everything around us. Being that this is a 6 month as well, this Moon is guiding us to open our hearts. Love more, show more compassion.

Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered retrograde motion. As we might all know by now, when Mercury appears to hurtle backwards in the sky, our day-to-day communication matters tends to get a little….wonky. Anything that Mercury rules (communication, email, phone, documents, cars and travel) needs extra review and double-checking. Be a little patient during this time. (By the way, Mercury stations direct on March 28th. Just FYI.)

Additionally, Mercury isn’t exactly at its best in the super-uber dreamy sign of Pisces. Think of it this way: Mercury, the planet of messages, took too many hits of plant medicine and is effectively half-baked for the next few weeks. Nevertheless, Retrograde cycles are a time for us to process, review, and take a bit of a break from the breakneck pace that we Westerners are typically used to. 

However, this is a great time if you’re an intuitive/creative type. Personally, I can feel all the Pisces energy floating about now. My readings are super deep lately and my meditations are feeling amazing.

In general, March is a month to check in and trust your gut instincts. Let intuition lead you. If something feels off, TRUST. YOUR. INTUITION. Our logical brains might be feeling a little bit fuzzy, but you can always check in with your own sense of “does this feel right for me?” Your intuitive senses are going to be stronger than EVER this month.

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