March 2019 Number Horoscopes


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1 Year: (4 Month): Time to get down to business. A 4 month is not the time to screw around and forget deadlines. Take care of your to-do list and sharpen your routine. This is an excellent month to take care of your health and dietary habits, as well. This month is all about step-by-step, brick-by-brick. You may likely have extra work this month, as well, so make sure to give yourself a break once in a while. It’s all about balance, baby!

2 Year: (5 Month): This is a month to see new things and meet new people. 5 is all about change, travel, freedom, networking, communication, and getting out of your comfort zone. You’re also in a year of relationships, connecting to others in one-on-one relationships.  5 is the number of excitement and sensual pleasure. 2 is the number of connection. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, this is the month to break out of it and have a little fun. If you’re happily partnered, this might be a good month to spice up your sex life or have a new adventure with your mate.

3 Year: (6 Month): You’re in a year of self-love and expressing yourself. The number 6 is about your family, home, committed relationships, and close friendships. 6 can also bring duty and responsibility to the picture as well, but since you’re in your 3 delightfully sparkly 3 year, the focus is more on simply enjoying the connection you have with your tribe, and with your loved ones. If you’re in a new relationship, you might find that it deepens somehow. Either way, this month is all about the heart, baby! Let your guard down and love your way through March.  

4 year: (7 Month): Your 4 Year is all about building stability, work, and balance. It’s a fairly no-nonsense vibration. March, a 7 month, is an energy of contemplation and quiet before your year really gets going. Take time to journal, meditate, pull a Tarot card, connect with your Guides and Loved Ones on the other side. This month is all about paying attention to hidden messages and the signs the Universe is sending your way. This month’s peaceful, quiet energy can often get lost if you insist upon filling it with business. Rest, relax, and find some alone time this month.

5 Year: (8 Month): Your 5 year is all about change, and freeing you from what has become stagnant. This month puts emphasis on your career and finances. 8 is the number that speaks of “as above, so below” and teaches us that you reap what you sow. This is the number of wealth and mastery over the physical world. Now, you probably won’t attain grand wealth this month, but this IS a good month to ask for a raise, promotion, or increase your rates. This month is about knowing your VALUE. Have you been selling yourself short? This is a month that that is all about career and your personal strength.

6 Year: (9 Month): A month of endings and completion. March is the end of a 9-month epicycle, so expect conclusions and wrapping up on various matters this month. 9 is an energy of surrender, letting go, and forgiveness. You’re in your 6 Personal Year of home, family, love, and your committed relationships. It’s also about duty and responsibility toward our tribe, as well. This might be a month where your loved ones call upon you for care and assistance. Both 6 and 9 are very helpful, generous energies. This is the month to give from the heart. This can be an emotional month, as well, since 9 is about endings somehow. In some way, something in your life will be brought to fruition. 9 is a very spiritual vibration, as well. Connect to your Higher Self, God, the Universe, whatever, and let go. If something *is* leaving your life this month, it’s for the better.

7 Year: (1 Month): This year is all about diving deep within to your soul. In many ways, your 7 year is a mini soul journey. It’s also about rest and learning new things. If last month felt heavy – February was about completion and letting go – this month should add some pep to your step. You’re in a 1 month of new beginnings and new projects. 1 energy brings this feeling like you’ve got the wind at your back. Start something new or take a class or workshop on something you find interesting and delightful.

8 year: (11/2 Month):  Last month was the real beginning to your New Year, as February was a 1 Personal Month for you – a month of new beginnings. After last month’s dynamo energy, this is the month to work on little details and exercise some patience. 2 energy asks us to be cooperative, and to focus on our one-on-one relationships. Be tactful and diplomatic, this isn’t the month for a fight. This is also an 11 month – Master energy. Pay attention to your dreams and follow your gut feelings. 11 tends to be very psychic and empathic. 11 is also the number of synchronicity, as well. One note of caution – take care of yourself, as 11 can be quite sensitive.

9 Year: (3 Month): This is a month to turn on your charm, gregariousness, and creativity. There is an opportunity this month for self-improvement, especially in regard to your personal appearance and how you feel. Give yourself the green light for playing and light socializing this month. As circa 1989 Madonna would say – express yourself, don’t repress yourself.

Alexander Kriech