The Rise of Mayor Pete

The Rise of Mayor Pete

In the tremendously crowded field of Democratic candidates for the United States presidency, I wanted to analyze each candidate’s chart using Numerology. I will not be making predictions, necessarily, but the numbers never lie, provided we have the correct birth information.

Pete Buttigieg certainly seems to have sprung out of absolutely nowhere, rising in the polls and pulling in millions in cash from campaign donors. His governing experience is, shall we say, unconventional, as his only relevant experience is being Mayor of a small town in Indiana. Also noteworthy is that he is probably the most viable candidate to be openly gay. So, who is Mayor Pete? What are his gifts, abilities, challenges, and upcoming cycles?

Let’s begin with the Lifepath Number. Pete is a 4 Lifepath. The Lifepath number talks about our natural-born talents and abilities. It talks about our challenges and opportunities, and very literally reveals our path in life. 4 energy is the grounded, conservative, builder number. 4 tends to be reliable, practical, honest, responsible, and hard-working. It resonates with being of service to community and family. 4 energy is an energy that can be described as “old-fashioned.” When I was learning Numerology from my teacher back in 2009, she noted that 4’s tend to be more patriotic, resonating with this particular feeling of duty to their country. Certainly, not every 4 Lifepath is going to operate that way, but that seems to be the case here. Buttigieg served in the U.S. Navy Reserve, and is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, being deployed in 2014.

For being the mayor of a small town, Buttigieg seems to have an excellent grasp on a wide variety of issues facing our country. He is Rhodes Scholar, graduating with honors from Harvard. Pete’s chart contains an ENORMOUS amount of 7 energy. Normally, most names in the Western World contain 0 or 1 7’s in the name. (7’s are G, P, and Y.) Buttigieg’s name contains 6 of these letters, and he has a 7 Personality number. 7 is the seeker, the scholar, the sage. Buttigieg is extremely intelligent, and capable of learning and researching on an incredibly deep level. That much 7 energy in a name is very, very rare.

His Expression number, (derived from the birth name) is an 8. 8 is the number of accomplishment and mastery of the physical realm. 8’s have a talent for management, leadership, and accomplishing what they set out to do. When 8’s focus on a goal, it is done with laser-like focus. There is this inherent ability to make their way in the material world, possessing ability with business, money, and finance. More importantly, this is the number of the survivor, being able to cope with whatever obstacles the world throws their way.

His Heart’s Desire number (derived from the vowels in the birth name) comes out to a 10/1. There is courage, willpower, intelligence found here. There is also leadership ability with the 1, as well. The 1 also talks about a certain uniqueness and originality here as well. At the same time, his challenge numbers indicate that on some level, he has had issues with owning his confidence and expressing his true identity.  (1 challenge, 19 birthday) (As a gay man with a 1 challenge myself, I can absolutely relate to this.)

With his disciplined, accomplishment-oriented, focused 4 and 8, the extreme intelligence and of the 7, and the courage/bravery of his 1 Heart, this is a candidate that should not be overlooked. His numbers suggest someone who can be extremely calculating. His “aw shucks, I’m just an honest guy from Main Street” shtick is probably genuine, but it also belies his ability to size up and out-maneuver his competition.

Buttigieg is in a 5 Personal Year all year. This cycle is great for networking, communication, and is a generally dynamic, exciting year with many twists and turns. The 5 can rocket someone to fame, but is it permanent? His 17/8 Essence is until his birthday in January is certainly powerful – he has drive, willpower, and draws powerful people to him now. This is also a great combination of energies, frankly, for raising the tremendous amount of cash that it takes to run for President. However, he has a 16/7 essence coming up at this next birthday, which indicates some sort of humbling, spiritual experience. 16/7 relates to the Tower card in the Tarot. 16/7 is about having faith, truth being revealed, and finding spirituality as your life takes a dramatic turn.

Will Mayor Pete keep rising in success only to face defeat and a crushing loss in the primary? Will he surprise everyone and make a successful bid for the Presidency? As we’ve learned in the past few elections, the only thing we can successfully predict is that there will be twists and turns coming our way.

Alexander Kriech