June 2019 Monthly Forecast

Welcome to June 2019!

Check out the general energy forecast below, then your PERSONALIZED forecast after that. 

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The energy this month is fascinating. June 2019 is a 9 Universal Month. We each go through our own cycles that we feel individually, referred to as the PERSONAL month. However, the Universal energy is the energy that everyone feels on some level.

9 in Numerology is all about completion, endings, and letting go. I’ve noticed myself and others around me going through a “purge” this month, especially after the New Moon on the 3rd. Usually a New Moon brings new beginnings, but I felt like this past New Moon coincided with endings in my life first, before the new beginnings arrive.

This month asks us to cut the fat and purge what doesn’t serve. This could be on a very personal level, or it could be something as subtle as releasing a negative subconscious belief. It could also be something very practical, like clearing out clutter from your home and donating it to charity.

Whenever 9 energy comes around, it can be emotionally and spiritually charged. This is a month to really connect inward to your Heart Chakra, as 9 energy is also the number of the healer, and the humanitarian. This is an excellent energy to go out of your way to help someone in need, whether it’s through an act of service or a kind word.

This is also an excellent for anything artistic, as 9 is the energy of the dramatist, stirring up your deep well of creativity and emotion.

Remember, this is just a GENERAL FORECAST. Read on below for your PERSONAL forecast. Your personal forecast always resonates a bit more specifically to your life than the general forecast.


1 Personal Year…..7 Personal Month

This year you’ve begun an entirely new 9 year cycle. You have felt the urge to begin something, to start fresh, to kick ass and take names. Sometimes, the thing you want to create remains unclear. Perhaps it’s just a feeling or an vague idea at this point.

This month’s energy asks you to slow your roll a bit. This is a month to go within and reflect on how you arrived at this point in your evolution. Go outside, turn off your technology and tune in to the life-giving energy of Nature herself. This really isn’t a month of DO-ing, this is a month of BE-ing. 7 ramps up the necessity to listen to our own gut feelings, to listen to our inner voice to decide what’s right. You might need extra alone time. Get your rest. You have permission to relax a bit more this month. Next month the focus is on your career and finances, so let yourself chill the hell out for a minute.

THE TIDE IS IN….on intuition, peace, reflection, going within, spirituality, meditation, journaling. Internal life is rich and complex.

THE TIDE IS OUT…..on money, finances, career. It’s not a good idea to make large purchases or spend lots of cash if you can help it. Be conservative with material things this month, but also know that the Universe provides. Put trust in the Universe that there is divine timing at play.
2 Personal Year…..8 Personal Month

This year is all about your partnerships, romantic and otherwise. 2 is the energy of the Divine Feminine - receiving and giving in equal measure. Emotions and the subtleties of intuitive feeling swell this year. This also a year of tweaking your plans, and taking things step-by-step.

This is a month of being PATIENT, my friends. (My inner Type A asshole hates that word as much as you do, friends! Trust and believe!)  8 is about money, career, inner power, and finances. 2 is about tactfulness, partnership, and careful consideration. Carefully think over what action you need to take in your career and execute it with grace. You can make forward strides in career this month - and other people may help you in career this month if you are amiable and pleasant. Things have a tendency to move fast as fast as you’d like in a 2 Year. This is more of a yin energy this year, of receiving and waiting for the right moment. Don’t try to rush and force, you’ll only feel pushing back from the Universe.

THE TIDE IS IN…..on money, finance, career. Working with others presents opportunities for both parties involved. Romance can also be favored this month.

THE TIDE IS OUT…..on rushing, forcing. Be the stealthy, patient ninja as opposed to the bull in the china shop.
3 Personal Year…..9 Personal Month

The seeds you planted in your 1 Year really begin to bloom this year. This is a year of expressing yourself, treating yo’self, and feeling fabulous. You’re encouraged to wear your heart on your sleeve and fully express what’s in your heart. The world is your stage. Self-improvement inside and out is favored this year.

June, however, may be a month of highs and lows. You’re ending a cycle this month. June carries a theme of letting go, endings, and completion. It could be a relationship, job, belief system, pattern, or habit. This will be an emotional month either way you slice it. Emotion does not mean June = terrible. 9 is the ultimate dramatist. Your life is a great story and this month puts some conclusion a cycle for you this month. Just don’t get too carried away with the DRAMA of it all this month. (You also have a 9 month every 9 months, so don’t get too carried away with worry about what exactly is ending this month, okay?)

This a wonderful time to express yourself via whatever art form you wish. Writing, painting, journaling, singing, scrapbooking, crying on the dance floor (that might just be me?) This is also a great month for inner spiritual work or healing others. Donate your unused belongings that are collecting dust and clean out your closets. The endings might just be literal, this is a great month for Spring/Summer cleaning. Your new beginning starts in July, so energetically prepare for it.

DO…...focus on love, emotions, expressing your Heart, culminations, endings, art, healing, giving to others, loving unconditionally, forgiving

DON’T…..worry about new beginnings (that begins in late June/early July), and try to avoid self-centeredness

4 Personal Year…..1 Personal Month

Your 4 Year is all about practicality, building, strengthening your foundation, health, and work. 4 is the ultimate adult of the Numbers, the Mr. Serious that does not f**king play. You’ll find you have a more serious attitude this year, more work on your plate and hopefully, a more balanced approach to life.

This month you have a new beginning at hand. You’re starting a new 9 month cycle. This is a time to start fresh and initiate something. You may not know what that thing is, and it doesn’t have to be anything specific right out of the gate. Either way, the wind is at your back and there is a feeling of some forward momentum in the air. 1 energy is about courage, inventiveness, originality, and taking charge. Being that it’s a 4 Year, the new beginning just might have something do with work, your health, or your finances. I would also urge patience this month, as 1 can be impulsive. Also, watch your stress levels this month. You might take on too much. 4 is always about balance, as well.
DO…..focus on work, career, new, positive health habits. Use your inventiveness, originality and take charge.

DON’T…..be too impulsive, impatient, or railroad other people. Don’t avoid your responsibilities this month.

5 Personal Year…...2 Personal Month

This year is all about freedom, expansion, and change. Sometimes, it’s change you initiate, and other times its about change that suddenly happens to you. Being flexible, adaptable, and being willing to roll with the punches is the name of the game this year.

Um, hello, let’s talk about relationships this month. 5 is a number of sensuality and pleasure, and 2 is the energy of one-on-one relationships. This month has the potential to be…..steamy. You could find yourself with somebody unconventional, or perhaps the meeting itself was unexpected or surprising in some way. Sometimes, this can just be a fling - hot, but temporary. Sometimes it can be the start of something long lasting, especially if you find yourself with this person by October. (October is the preview of your upcoming year - your 6 year of love and commitment) Either way, 5 keeps you on your toes. Remember to have fun, keep your options open, and try not to THINK about it too much.

This is also a good month to flesh out whatever it is you began last month. Work on little details. This is a good month for working with others, romantic, or business. Be tactful and polite. Your intuition is ON this month, too. Trust your vibes.

DO……...let your hair down, relax, and have fun. Be patient and harmonious in your relationships. Trust your gut feelings and vibes.

DON’T…...be TOO impulsive in relationships, or have too many expectations this month.

6 Personal Year…...3 Personal Month

This year is about your heart, responsibilities, and balance. Your family, close friendships, and romantic partners all have your attention this year. While, yes, there is this running theme of dutiful service to others, you also have to save time for yourself. Your well must be full before you can give to others.

Which brings us to this month’s energies. Lighten up, buttercup! June is about expressing heartfelt joy and having some fun. 3 is the Peter Pan number that never wants to grow up. This month can bring delightful outings with family and friends. Friendships are a huge theme of the 3, so expect an evening out or two. This is a great month to freshen up your wardrobe, hair-do, or even taking an exercise class or two. The better you decide you’re going to feel in your own skin, the more fun you’ll have this month. On the negative side, 3 can also be gossip-y and petty. Fly above the drama and you’ll have a great time. Romance is also favored this month, as well. You have a little extra something this month, so get out there while you’re at your sparkle-ly-est. This is also a great month to express yourself with art, if you can focus your energy enough. At the very least, you might feel a bit more witty in your conversations.

DO…...express your feelings and heartfelt joy. Freshen thine wardrobe, and feel thyself, honeyyyy. Social outings, romance, and art are favored.

DON’T….be TOO impulsive. Treat yo’self, but watch that hole in your wallet. Get outside and play, but watch for excess procrastination.
7 Personal Year…..4 Personal Month

This year brings some sort of reprieve, rest, reflection, and spirituality. 7 is the year of learning, wisdom, and understanding. Give yourself a break, an extra nap (Sorry, I’m a Taurus, naps are my thing!) and go commune with nature.
This month is all about your health. SLOW. DOWN. THIS. MONTH. You do have work on your plate this month, but you need to listen to your body. Your 7 year can bring a cleansing of sorts, purifying what goes into your body. Rest and take a break when you need it. Do not push yourself too hard this month. This month can bring an awareness of the limitations of your physical body. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not avoid your responsibilities, either. 4 can can bring responsibility to family, as well. Do what is asked of you, knowing you’re building a strong foundation for your life.

DO…...Buckle up and drive the speed limit. Treat your body with respect, honoring your physical limitations. Tackle your to-do list and work responsibilities, but make sure you take a break when you need it.
DON’T…..Avoid responsibilities, be impulsive, or push your body beyond its limits. 4 = Law and Order. Heed warnings and you’ll have a solid month.

8 Personal Month…..5 Personal Month

Your 8 Year is about owning your inner Bad Bitch Executive Realness. By now you’re feeling the increase in awareness of personal power, and the necessity of utilizing strategy and focus to achieve desired results. 8 Year can also bring financial gain, depending the effort you’ve put in the prior 8 years. On the other hand, if you’ve engaged in shady, underhanded business deals, you’ll feel the negative side of this number, being slapped in the face with Karma. (Most people experience this year as generally positive, though. You probably don’t have anything to worry about.)

You’ll be feeling a desire for more freedom this month. 5 represents change, freedom, and expansion. Sometimes this month can bring out a feeling of restlessness. If there is a situation you find stifling, you’ll have the impetus to DO something about it. You’ll have an awareness that you can use your power to change something in your life that will give you greater freedom. Don’t act TOO hastily, consider before acting. You can, however, take a calculated risk this month.You also might want to plan a trip, as 5 rules travel. This month is also great for any type of networking or communication.

DO…….own your power and make change happen. Consider carefully before acting, and look before you leap. Take advantage of dynamic action possible, and create more constructive freedom in your life. Communicate, network, travel.

DON’T…..leap before looking. Consider consequences before acting too hastily. However, if you are being truly stifled and are hiding your power, ACT with authority and confidence.

9 Personal Month…..6 Personal Month

Your 9 Personal Year is about completions, culminations, and the conclusion of a 9 Year cycle. It can bring exquisite highs, and emotional lows. 9 is the great dramatist, and this year can bring the gamut of human emotions. Spirituality, inner work, forgiveness, and unconditional love are in focus for you. LET. GO.

This month brings the focus back to your heart, family, commitments, and responsibilities. Focus on being there for your loved ones, and let yourself be loved right back. Let yourself be a shoulder to cry on, or simply give your Grandma an unexpected phone call. However, if you’re overwhelmed by responsibility this month, listen to your Soul and fill up your well before you help others.
This month rules all matters of the home, as well. Interior decorating or cleaning is favored, as well as all real estate matters. This can be wonderful month for creating art or music. You also may have work responsibility at work, as well. This can be rich, rewarding month if you show up with compassion and a sense of duty.

DO…...be there for friends and family. Own your responsibility at work. Create a beautiful, nurturing home environment.

DON’T…..exhaust yourself - love yourself first. Don’t avoid your responsibilities and relationships.

Alexander Kriech