New Moon in Aries! (March 27, 2017)

New Moon in fiery, independent, pioneering Aries this evening!

it is noteworthy that Venus, the planet of love, money, relationships, and self-worth, is still in retrograde motion, as well.

Here's an excerpt from my newsletter about this cycle:

"Venus is the planet of love, money, relationships, and value. When the retrograde cycle occurs, our awareness shifts to our relationships with others, our self-worth, and our money and possessions. We may become aware of dissatisfaction with a relationship, or perceive ways that we have been under-valuing ourselves. Old relationships may come back into our lives, whether its actually in the physical, or even if it just manifests through a dream. If this happens, PAY ATTENTION! There is something to be healed or completed.

Venus retrograde really is an excellent time to gain clarity on your love life, money, and self-worth."

Bottom line? Set intentions, and take a bold step forward today. New Moons are a time of seed planting. If you're feeling down on yourself, your relationships, or your empty wallet, take note and grab life by the f**king balls anyway.

Happy New Moon!