How to Calculate Your Personal Year


To find your what PERSONAL YEAR you are in, follow this easy-breezy formula:

Reduce your birth month and day numbers to a single digit, and add to the Universal Year Number of 2018, which is 11.

We reduce all numbers down to a single digit in Numerology. However, because 11 and 22 are MASTER Numbers, we do not reduce the 11. 

Take your birthday: (We'll use mine as an example)

May 13th. (Birth year is not needed for Personal Month forecast.)

5/13. Reduce month and day down to single digits.

Since '5' is already a single digit, we'll leave it alone. '13' we reduce to '4' - because 1 +3 = 4.

Add Month, Day, and Universal Year Number together. 5+4+11=20. Because 2+0=2, my Personal Year in 2018 is 2.

Let's use another example - 

Let's say your birthday is 12/25. 12 is reduced to a 3, because 1+2=3. 25 is reduced to a 7, because 2+5=7.

Add reduced month and day to the Universal Year number. 3+7+11=21. 2+1=3. Therefore the Personal Year of a person born on 12/25 would be in a 3 Personal Year in 2018.

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Alexander Kriech