Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: August 21st, 2017

Hey guys! Wanted to check in with everyone in regard to tomorrow's Total Solar Eclipse in Leo. The hype around this - both astronomically AND astrologically - is very well warranted.

Come, join me for another edition of, "SO, WTF IS GOING ON IN THE COSMOS, ALEXANDER?? PLEASE HELP ME!"

Pull up a comfy chair. Perhaps pour yourself a delightful, boozy beverage, and have a seat. Let us chat.

(Also wanted to thank Maria DeSimone and Rick Levine for their rich astrological knowledge and free content that helped me understand this eclipse much better. Go check out their pages! Here is a link to Rick Levine breaking down the astrology of this eclipse in greater detail - CLICK HERE)

1) This eclipse will be felt both on the individual level and also in the collective. Eclipses are astrological game-changers, depending where it affects your natal chart. Personally, this can mean lots of surprises and excitement. This Solar Eclipse is basically a New Moon on steroids. New Moon is a new lunar cycle, and is always a fortunate time to plant seeds and begin anew. Take this concept and multiply it by about 100x when it comes to this particular eclipse.

2) Because the path of totality is in United States, our country, politically speaking, is the star of this show. The turmoil we as a collective are facing as we approach this eclipse is painfully obvious. Never have I thought that we would actually have to contend with hateful, racist, petulant children that refer to themselves as "Nazis," in the year of 2017, but here we are, participating in this bizarro shit-show that is our current political climate.

3) This eclipse also falls under the star Regulus. Souls born under this star are bestowed with a certain amount of leadership ability and power. This star teaches the lesson of proper use of power and authority. If the person born with Regulus prominently aspecting the natal chart uses this power for vengeful purposes, this person suffers a fall from grace, losing their power and authority.

Guess who was born with Regulus in close connection to his natal chart, and who will be incredibly, personally affected by this eclipse?

Donald "There are many sides to this" Trump.

The next few weeks will be extremely interesting to watch. Astrologers have been referring to this for a while as somewhat of a "downfall of the King," so to speak.

But, let's not focus on pining for the downfall of our crooked despot, as myself and others are probably prone to doing. Let's bring this back to you:


This eclipse represents a huge opportunity to express our personal power and creativity. Leo is creative, proud Fire sign. Are you daring to stand out, like the proud, magnanimous, regal authority that you actually are? Or are you shrinking back, hiding from your own power? Do you constantly need validation from others, or are you letting your personal star power radiate outward?

Set your intention, put your hippie crystals out, maybe meditate? Or really, do whatever you want!

(One last thing - DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE WITHOUT PROPER EYEWEAR. If you go blind tomorrow, I am going to be SO MAD AT YOU!)

Happy Solar Eclipse! <3