A Few Things

Newsletter/Forecasts will be out on the 5th. I have cold/laryngitis thing happening and don't feel well. My voice sounds ragged and hoarse. 

Honestly, at the risk of sounding cliche, it's interesting that it happened during Mercury Retrograde (Mercury turns direct on the 5th.) Mercury rules communication, and therefore the throat can be affected. Merc Rx generally ask us to go inward, to pause and reflect. Not surprising to me that a literal manifestation of this trickled in to my physical body. 

This has also been accompanied by some really intense dreams. I passed out for a nap earlier, and had this intense nightmare that I was a ghost, and no one could hear or understand me. 

We're surrounded by 9 and 1 energy right now. In a way, our collective is experiencing birth pains right now.

The 9 Universal energy of August brought drama, culmination, and endings to our collective consciousness. 

This is happening so new growth can occur for us in September. September is a 1 Universal month of new beginnings, a way forward, a new phase. 

Keep this in mind as you observe your life and the world around you. 

I'm currently experiencing lots of things ending and new ones beginning almost simultaneously right now - jobs, relationships, even where I'm living. These are all changes that are positive and will provide the structure I desire, but sometimes I experience change as being stressful at first. 

Not everyone will feel this in the same way. My personal Numerological cycles mirror what is happening universally, but I bet some of you can relate to this experience. 

If you should find yourself running faster, working harder, and getting seemingly nowhere, the solution now is to pay attention, and SLOW. DOWN. YOUR. ENERGY. 

That's all, folks! Just wanted to check in and see how you guys are doing. 

Anyone else feel some interesting stuff energetically? What's going on in your world?