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Have you ever been thinking about someone, and then they call on the telephone moments later?Maybe it’s that gut feeling – your body telling you that something doesn’t “feel” right about something or someone. Knowing something without knowing how you know it. The inexplicable feeling of a passed over loved nearby.

This is you displaying psychic ability. WE ALL HAVE IT. It’s just about recognizing and developing this particular muscle!

I always have had a very intense interest in the psychic/intuitive realm as early as I can remember.  

However, I didn’t display those classic symptoms that so many psychics I had read about in books did. I couldn’t remember a single spooky or miraculous experience that had happened to me that so many famous psychics talk about in their autobiographies.

No angelic bedside visits or prophetic visions to speak of - only a vivid imagination and a "knowing" that I was connected to unconditionally loving Source energy/God/The Universe.

Was I a complete fool for wanting to develop these abilities within myself? Of course not! 

I knew there was a strong psychic/intuitive self that was somehow buried deep inside me. I also knew that I wanted to work professionally somehow in the intuitive field. 

Driven by these goals, in the Summer of 2015 I found psychic development classes through internationally known Clairvoyant Dr. Lauren Cielo, whom I found through an interview on Gaia.com. Something completely resonated in me and screamed "YES!"

After just a few classes, I was completely hooked. I was finally re-connecting with my psychic self. I was working with my Spirit Guides, practicing psychic readings with fellow students, and developing a strong meditation practice. 


All it took for me to make the leap from amateur intuitive to psychic was the proper training to tap into my natural ability. Our physical bodies and Chakra system are naturally built to "read" energy.

If you have the interest and commitment, along with a healthy dose of play and amusement, that’s enough to tap into your own abilities. 


Ready to dive in head-first - and jump-start your psychic abilities in a fun, safe, supportive environment?

My classes are focused around developing Clairvoyance. Much of this technique uses visualizations and meditation, so you can bypass your logical brain and allow intuitive information to come through. The other “clairs” (Clear knowing, clear feeling, clear hearing,) begin to turn on as your develop your Clairvoyance.

Whether you want to merely explore the Universe in a brand new way and have fun, or learn some amazing tools that can help you take your intuitive biz to the next level, there's something for everyone!

There is no way you can do this WRONG. Psychic class feels a bit like going back to kindergarten. Allow yourself to play, and you will discover the magic what it’s like to tap into the unseen world.

What will you learn?

  • How to properly ground your energy, and connect to high-vibrational, creative, cosmic energy.

  • To protect your own energy field and take charge of your own space.

  • To run more of your own unique, soul energy, and let go of energy that was given to you by others. (Think – thoughts and beliefs given to you by parents, lovers, pastors, teachers)

  • To work with your Spirit Guides and Angels, as well as meet a very special Guide to help you in your personal journey of reading and healing yourself and others - the Healing Master!

  • To psychically read the physical body, Chakras, and Aura.

  • To give a professional-level reading, even if you don’t want to be a pro reader.


Why train with me?

  • You *want* to be psychic, but you don’t feel you are.

  • You already have some intuitive ability, and you want to further develop it.

  • You are already an intuitive healer looking to expand your professional services and offerings.

  • You identify as an Empath – you take on the energy of other people, and want to take charge of your own energetic space and healing.



The Rose - a sacred healing symbol, and an invaluable psychic tool you'll learn in my Psychic Development program!

The Rose - a sacred healing symbol, and an invaluable psychic tool you'll learn in my Psychic Development program!

Psychic Development (Level I)
begins June 10th.

This is a 9-week course. This course is part 1 of 3. However, this can be taken as a standalone workshop.

Class will meet via phone, once per week. If you miss class, you’ll receive notes and a recording.

You’ll learn a new tool every week, and you’ll practice giving mini-readings with your fellow students each week in class. There will be an optional reading lab every week, where you’ll get the extra opportunity to practice your reading and healing skills every week with your fellow students.

Cost: $360. (Payment plans are available. E-mail at akriech@akriechintuitive if you need this option.)

If you want to take the entire 3-part program, you’ll receive a 25% discount if you pay in full. ($810, a savings a $270!)