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The Intuitive Numerologist Radio Show


C View Quantum Network proudly presents: The Intuitive Numerologist with Alexander Kriech. He integrates a great deal more than just a numerology reading when he talks with you, he is also a trained psychic/clairvoyant in Portland, Oregon.

Discover numerology meanings for your life path numbers, expression, soul urge and destiny numbers. Find out what your personal numbers are and what they mean in your life. We all have the capability to use and develop our intuitive abilities. We can use the power of intuition to understand the meanings behind the symbolism, and hidden messages; we encounter in our daily lives. Numerology can help you to begin the process of deciphering your personal symbols and accessing your intuition.

  • Mar 12  - 
  • Jun 18
  • Aug 13
  • Nov 12

Want to JUMP the LONG list of callers for $11?

  2. email Claudia Pureco ( include name and telephone
  3. Call in (805) 830-8344

Alexander's passion for Numerology and inquisitive mind led him down other avenues in the metaphysical world. He has extensively studied Spirit Guides, the Chakras, and the Aura, and how the Universe works.

All information shared intuitively by Alexander is firmly based on his interpretation of your life and destiny path and more importantly how best to navigate through both the rough and calm waters of your life. He loves what he does. Developing and sharing his intuitive skills, and healing himself and others is his passion. Finally, your call with Alexander will be exciting and fun! So much of what is included in each call are tools to create more joy, happiness and playfulness in your life! After all life is supposed to be the best time of our life right? Let’s explore your Soul’s journey together!

Contact Alex: 605-838-6010 /