Untangling Yourself From Your Ex Video Workshop

Untangling Yourself From Your Ex Video Workshop


Still struggling to move on after a break-up?

Just like you, I've been through it.

Whether it's as fresh as 1 week ago or as ancient history as 10 years ago, we all can be hung up on our past relationships.

During this guided meditation workshop, you will:

Release energy from your former partner that is stored in your body, chakras, and aura, releasing into the Earth, to be recycled and transmuted. 

De-cord yourself, untangling your energy from their energetic field.

Bring yourself into PRESENT TIME, the only moment that you create from.  

Update your soul contracts and clear Karma. 

Heal your Sacral Chakra and Heart Chakra - the two energy centers that store your relationship energy.

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(Originally broadcast as a live Zoom video conference. You'll receive a video file.)