All sessions are performed via phone OR Skype.

Phone sessions may be recorded at no extra charge. 

Please indicate your preferences at time of booking.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at, or call my office phone at 605-759-5891.

Thank you!

(NOTE - I am wanting to focus on offering Numerology readings at this time and will only be offering Psychic Readings on very limited basis. E-mail me at if you’re a regular client and would like to book a Psychic Reading session.)

Destiny/Lifepath Readings

Your name and birth date are no accident. Your soul chose the exact moment it was to be born, and the name it was to go by in this incarnation. Using just your birth date and full birth name, I tune into your character, natural talents and abilities, and life's purpose using Numerology. I also tune into your blocks, challenges, karma, and past lives and how to work with your unique energy. Numerology can provide a wealth of information with incredible specificity.  

Numerology is an incredibly powerful tool for timing and understanding your personal cycles, as well. Is this a good time to move or change careers? When will I find my soul partner? I take a look at your upcoming cycles and answer any questions you have about what's coming up for you. I also look at years past and help you make sense of the energy that was affecting you at that time. 

Full Reading : (60 minutes, $120)

Includes your full personal chart, as well as extensive future forecast, and examines past cycles. There will be time for questions. Readings may be tailored to your specific questions and concerns. 

Quickie Reading: (30 minutes, $60)

Can't afford a full Numerology reading but still want insight?

This reading examines the numbers that make up your core energy - your Lifepath, Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality numbers.


Year Ahead Forecast/Update for Return Clients


(30 Minutes - $60)

 Will next year bring changes to your career, finances, or relationships? When should you plan a move or a vacation?

Using your personal Numerology chart, I create a specialized forecast looking at your year ahead that can help you answer these questions and more. Using your birth date and full name at birth, I carefully analyze your upcoming cycles and let you know what you can expect for the upcoming 12 months. 

Being armed with the knowledge of your personal cycles can help you navigate life with much more ease and grace. 

You will have time to ask questions, as well. This reading may also be tailored to specific areas of concern, as well. such as romance, or career.