My philosophy on readings is this: you are an infinitely powerful multidimensional creator being.

A reading is meant to help you along your path, so you can get clarity and create the best life you possibly can. My responsibility to is merely offer guidance and healing, not to solve your problems for you.

Our futures are not set in stone, as multidimensional beings we are continuously aligning ourselves into the next present moment.

Clairvoyant Readings

During these sessions, I focus my awareness on your energy and deliver messages to you from Spirit. I open the session with a Rose Reading, which is a communication from your Higher Self to me. From there, we can address any topic you would like insight on. I am also able to read energy stored in your Aura, Chakras, and physical body.

My primary focus on this reading is Clairvoyance, which means “clear sight.” I often see pictures, symbols, and colors that convey energetic information. However, I also receive psychic information through other means, including Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (hearing messages from Spirit) and Clairsentience (clear feeling)

A wealth of information may be brought through. I am able to read past lives, and this information often presents itself in a reading. I am able to communicate with passed over loved ones as well, as well as provide evidence. I am also able to introduce you to your Spirit Guides, and describe how they work with you.

Numerology Readings

Your name and birth date are no accident. Your soul chose the exact moment it was to be born, and the name it was to go by in this incarnation. Using just your birth date and full birth name, I tune into your character, natural talents and abilities, and life's purpose using Numerology. I also tune into your blocks, challenges, karma, and past lives and how to work with your unique energy. Numerology can provide a wealth of information with incredible specificity.  

Numerology is an incredibly powerful tool for timing and understanding your personal cycles, as well. Is this a good time to move or change careers? When will I find my soul partner? I take a look at your upcoming cycles and answer any questions you have about what's coming up for you. I also look at years past and help you make sense of the energy that was affecting you at that time. 

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by clicking here.

All sessions are performed in-person at my office in Sioux Falls, SD, or via Phone. Facetime/Skype available upon request. Please indicate your preferences at time of booking.

If you do not see a time available that works for you, or have any other questions or concerns, please email me at, or call my office phone at 605-759-5891.

Thank you!